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HR Outsourcing Services in Minnesota
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HR Outsourcing is proven to directly increase both bottom line profitability and overall productivity

Why Outsource HR?

Corban OneSource's HR Outsourcing Services have been delivering hard dollar cost savings, as well as, overall increased productivity for well over 15 years. With clients currently in 36 states and a national presence, Corban OneSource offers HR Outsourcing Services in Minnesota to companies with 100 to 3,000 employees.

  • Payroll Administration
  • HR Administration
  • Benefits Administration
  • HRMS Technology (Online HR Technology Platform)

HR Outsourcing in Minnesota may be new to some organizations, but with our 15 year track record and metrics that establish an average cost savings of 24% to 32% or more, HR Outsourcing is certainly not new to us.

We take the hassle out of HR that leads to a true WIN-WIN


Corban OneSource offers a full range of HR Outsourcing Services in Minnesota. Whether you are the CEO, CFO, or HR Leader, can you imagine what it would be like to have a combined team of HR Experts and Administrative Professionals helping you stay compliant, answer your questions, assist with employee matters, and help manage the day-to-day administration?

  • HR leaders get more done by focusing on strategy and not administration
  • Financial Executives see 30% or more costs savings and reduced risk from compliance issues with the Department of Labor and EEOC
  • CEO's see increased revenues and profits due to better efficiencies and focus on growth & profitability


Increasing profits through HR Outsourcing in Minnesota

Everyone already knows HR Outsourcing the non-strategic, non-revenue generating aspects of your business leads to increased profitability. Studies from PriceWaterhouse, Gartner Group, and many others over the last 10 years all prove increased ROI by using HR Outsourcing.

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